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1. We use MPA3 a groundbreaking cascading billing solution delivering 20% more signups compared to using only one processor!

2. AWOL Marines is now easier to promote with our now available RSS feed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

How much traffic do you have? With Gay Greenbacks, there is absoutely no maximum on the amount of money you can earn. Plus, with our excellent retention levels, you'll earn 55% of your rebills for months and months to come. Send your traffic to our sites and get ready to make some serious money.

Do you offer cascading billing?

Yes! Our three-tier cascading billing system allows you to maximize your earning by decreasing the chance your valuable surfers will be declined. We use all of the top as processors and billing methods, so chances are that one of our processors will accept your surfers' transaction.

How can I make money by referring other webmasters?

Our webmaster referral program is easy. Simply send webmasters to our site using your referral code and you will make 5% of what your referred webmasters make.

What kinds of promotional tools do you have available?

We make it easy to promote our sites by providing you with plenty of free hosted galleries and banners. We also offer pictures of the day, and we're available to provide you with content if you need it.

How can I get my stats?

We use a state-of-the-art MPA3 system to handle all of your statistics. Our system is highly accurate, and you will have full access to comprehensive statistics so you will always know what traffic is working for you and what traffic is not.

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